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Tips for Mastering Free Kicks and Corners

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Set pieces, such as free kicks and corners, are crucial moments in a soccer match. They provide teams with an opportunity to score a goal or create a scoring chance. Mastering these set pieces can give a team a competitive advantage on the field. In this post, we will provide you with some tips for mastering free kicks and corners in soccer.

Practice Makes Perfect

The first and most obvious tip for mastering free kicks and corners is to practice. The more you practice, the more confident you will become in your ability to execute set pieces successfully. Set aside time during training sessions to practice free kicks and corners, and work on perfecting your technique. Repetition is key, so practice until you feel comfortable with your technique.

Focus on Technique

Technique is everything when it comes to free kicks and corners. Proper technique can help you generate power and accuracy, which are essential for scoring a goal or creating a scoring opportunity. When taking a free kick, focus on your technique, including your approach, plant foot, striking foot, and follow-through. When taking a corner, focus on your delivery technique, including your body position, the direction of the ball, and the height of the ball.

Tips for Mastering Free Kicks and Corners


Choose Your Spot

Before taking a free kick, it’s essential to choose your spot carefully. Look for areas where the goalkeeper has a blind spot, or where there is a gap in the wall. Aim for the corners of the goal, as these areas are more difficult for the goalkeeper to reach. When taking a corner, aim for areas where your teammates are positioned, and where there is less defensive pressure.


Use Deception

Deception can be a powerful tool when it comes to free kicks and corners. Consider using a fake shot or a dummy to throw off the defenders and the goalkeeper. Use a fake shot by pretending to shoot in one direction, only to change direction at the last moment. Use a dummy by pretending to touch the ball, only to leave it for a teammate to take the shot.


Communicate with Your Teammates

Communication is essential when it comes to set pieces. Make sure you communicate with your teammates before taking a free kick or corner. Let them know where you plan to place the ball, and what type of delivery you plan to use. Make sure your teammates are positioned in the right areas, and that they know what their roles are.

Tips for Mastering Free Kicks and Corners


Vary Your Delivery

Varying your delivery can keep the defense guessing and increase your chances of success. When taking a corner, try different types of deliveries, such as an in-swinging or out-swinging corner. When taking a free kick, try different types of shots, such as a curling shot or a knuckleball.


Read the Game

Reading the game is essential when it comes to set pieces. Pay attention to the positioning of the defenders and the goalkeeper, and look for gaps or weaknesses in their defensive line. Adjust your technique and your delivery based on what you see on the field.

Stay Calm and Confident

Finally, staying calm and confident is crucial when it comes to free kicks and corners. Take a deep breath, visualize the shot or the delivery, and focus on your technique. Stay confident in your ability to execute the set piece successfully, and trust in the hard work you have put in during practice.


Q: What’s the key to mastering free kicks and corners?

A: Practice, practice, practice. Consistency is key, so it’s important to put in the time and effort to perfect your technique.

Q: What are some tips for taking a successful free kick?

A: Focus on your technique and make sure you’re hitting the ball correctly. Aim for a specific spot on the goal and visualize the ball going there. Also, pay attention to the position of the wall and the goalkeeper, and try to find a gap to shoot through.

Q: How can I improve my accuracy on free kicks?

A: Work on your technique and make sure you’re hitting the ball cleanly. Practice hitting targets on the goal with both power and finesse, and try to develop a feel for how the ball moves in the air.

Q: What should I focus on when taking a corner kick?

A: Aim for a specific area in the box where your teammates can attack the ball. Focus on the quality of your delivery and try to put the ball in a dangerous area.

Q: How can I improve my corner kicks?

A: Practice your delivery and work on different types of balls, such as inswingers, outswingers, and driven balls. Also, work on your timing and communication with your teammates to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Q: What’s the best way to approach a free kick or corner kick mentally?

A: Stay calm and focused, and visualize the outcome you want. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, but at the same time, be confident in your ability to execute the kick. Remember that it’s just another part of the game, and stay positive no matter what happens.



Mastering free kicks and corners is crucial for any soccer team, including those at Barça Academy, striving for a competitive edge. By adhering to these tips and consistent practice, you’ll enhance technique, boost success rates, and contribute more goals to your team. Keep focused, communicate, and maintain confidence in executing set pieces. Best of luck!


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